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Among the most typical restaurants in Abu Dhabi is the Lebanese Restaurant Al Saahel. It’s known for its scrumptious homemade hummus as well as its tasty kishk (a stew produced from goat’s milk). The cuisine at Al Saahel relies in a traditional Lebanese design with lots of imagination. Yas Mall is a shopping centre that is been started in 2023 and has become the latest addition to the city. It’s retailers from well-known models like marks and Spencer, HandM as well as Next.

It’s placed on Yas Island and has a bunch of shops that will attract many likes, which makes it one of the best tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi. In spite of all the beaches in Abu Dhabi being in the south of the city, there’s still a lot to find out on either side of the mountains. If you like mountains and all natural rock formations then you can experience that at Jebel Lulu. Jebel Lulu is a vast mountain, over three-kilometres in height, and this delivers a view right across the desert to the exact opposite, neighbouring mountain, Jebel Shams.

There is a multitude of trails in the mountains and wind their way through waterfalls and cliffs. It’s tough to have a grasp of what size the mountain is. At the top there’s a large monument, which serves as a symbol for the nation. There is also a resort, that includes in motion pictures like Pirates of the Caribbean: Men which are Dead Tell No Tales plus Aladdin. Hence, in case you would love to learn considerably more about the regional cuisine in Abu Dhabi, there’s numerous options.

Have a look at the local cuisines below and see what catches your eye! The local cuisine in Abu Dhabi. Indian cuisine. As much as foreign foods go, Indian food is probably one of the most favored in Abu Dhabi. There are a number of eating places which provide up great Indian meal, including several which focus on the vegetarian version of the food. The community is home to several of the very best Indian restaurants, so there’s no need to stress that you’ll struggle to uncover some of the best Indian food in Abu Dhabi.

When you are looking at flight timings there’re plenty of choices out there. For example, on smaller journeys you are able to book something for an entire day of the journey of yours that will supply you with plenty of time at every one of the destinations. This’s ideal for those who want to maximise their time during the holidays of theirs. For longer journeys, you can actually opt to have an overnight flight which will let you for breaking up your journey into a few days of fun in Abu Dhabi.

For example, you could possibly consider proceeding to Yas Island to head out for a ride on the YasWaterSpa – that is going to treat you to a massage whilst you unwind in a hot-air balloon. One other fun option is heading to Marina Square in which you are able to decide to bring a boat trip to Abu Dhabi, complete with watersports and parasailing. You may want to take a stroll through the Desert Conservation Area which is home to wild camels, giraffes and monkeys.

When you are back in town, you can stop by the capital’s museums & galleries for a little bit of art history. shopping and Dining on Abu Dhabi Corniche. If your aim is getting a great value on luxury makes, and then the emirate is the place for you.


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