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Property Development Marketing Partner

 MYBUILDGH Ltd is a property development partner that helps you to plan, design, construct and market your real estate.

The real estate marketing strategy you employ to market your new development project will dictate how many units you sell and the ultimate returns on investment on your investment in marketing the property. If you don’t market your property correctly, you won’t sell it. However, getting customers through your door isn’t just about building; it’s also about how you tell potential buyers why they should purchase your building over any others on offer. This is where marketing strategies come into play.

Marketing in a development project is more than simply appointing a marketing team to market and sell the finished structures, rather it begins with a developer who can comprehend the market, the various categories of buyers and their individual personalities and traits and to be able to fashion the appropriate concept to buyers, investors, and even bankers, right from the start. This includes the beginning of the concept, the selection of the location, the design of the building, to the last finishing touches by a developer who is well-versed in the real estate industry, consumer behavior and construction techniques.

The primary purpose of MYBUILDGH ltd. as your project development marketing partner is to create sales by applying a holistic real estate marketing approach which necessitates the creation of a marketing ‘package.’ through the design, planning, legal, financial, and physical aspects of the development process, a systematic strategy which includes a comprehensive marketing strategy to help our clients in gaining a competitive marketing advantage with regards to architectural design, planning, construction and pricing, to enable them offer a better product than or different from the competitors and to get buyers excited about their product and want to come in and buy. The goal of MYBUILDGH is simple: build something worth paying for.


Planning Your Property Development Marketing

We help many property developers with their marketing each year and know many of the marketing pitfalls. We know your timescales, key dates and then make a commitment from them that these dates will be met. In our experience the thing that causes deadlines to fail is not having the content ready for your agency, but we can assist you with the process and content development.

The last thing you want is millions of pounds worth of property ready to be sold that nobody knows about. In an ideal world, you want them sold before they are even finished, which has happened with many of the developments we have worked on. A disjointed marketing campaign that does not meet your deadline, so make sure each element is in good hands. Always have a central point of contact for the marketing of your development At MyBuildGH we can create, manage and implement property development marketing campaigns


Building and Construction

Paramount to your project success is commitment to quality and the relationship with your builder, who will ensure the quality and construction of the development. We select partners who not only just satisfy the qualification criteria but who we have a positive synergy with. This streamlines the entire delivery process and ensures a consistent quality to build.

We manage the relationship with our builders from the commencement to the handover process, working in tandem with them and prioritizing clear communication. Our builders appreciate this hands-on approach, which has led to several longstanding partnerships. Throughout the build process, we are across every detail. We monitor builder performance and implementing a detailed quality control plan throughout


Local Expertise

We are a group that understands the local real estate market and can help you examine a number of sites and perform the necessary research. We are able to learn your business needs and translate them into a real estate solution.


Funding Opportunities

Commercial real estate development is a capital-intensive process. You therefore need a developer with established lending relationships to secure funding with ease. We have the capacity to identify eligible public-private partnerships, and economic incentives to help you in your capital mobilization. We have solid long-term partnership with investors and financial institutions, and are therefore able to recognize and invest in the financial capabilities needed to satisfy the due diligence required.


Public Sector Engagement

Real estate development requires significant legal and governmental diligence. Your project will require working with municipal, district and State agencies. The ability to secure local zoning and building approvals, as well as positive community involvement, is critical to getting a shovel in the ground according to schedule. With our longstanding relationship with all relevant agencies, we are able to guide or acquire the respective permits and approvals on your behalf.

Broad Resources

Property development involves multiple co-creators including architects, engineers, construction managers and tradespeople to design and execute a project that meets your vision. We have an in-house team and a network of partners to help unify your project. This type of collaboration leverages best practices and value engineering to unlock ways to optimize the project.


On-time Delivery

You likely have a move-in date in mind for your new business space. You need a property developer who will have the building ready for that critical deadline. With our in-house construction capabilities and experience building in a variety of environments––from complex projects in dense, urban areas to the scalable suburbs–can help you get the project started and delivered on-time.

Operational Support

We also offer property management & asset management services that can help control the cost, liability and requirements of operating a building for the long-term. We bring our knowledge, best practices, and preferred vendors to optimize your facility for years to come.


Architects and designers

In order to develop a building that truly complements and enhances its location, both pragmatic and aesthetic elements must be considered. As such, every development design process should be a genial collaboration between architects, designers and the developer. We partner with trusted and award-winning architects, who are able to not merely deliver architectural design solutions but are able to create architectural legacies and fit to purpose.



MyBuildGH Ltd mission is to provide real estate services that reflect the company’s high standards and commitment to excellence leading to the development and management of a broader, national sustainable environment.

Our Philosophy – The philosophy of MyBuildGH in retaining long-term management of properties reflects our commitment to building with quality, perfection, and attention to detail so that our clients have the best of their investment and an optimal environment in which to conduct their business. This is possible due to our integrated team of in-house experts who handle all facets of development under one roof- from design through construction, to leasing, sale and managing.


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